what we do

Simply put, we offer logical business solutions...with a dash of creativity and always a hint of humour
Graphic Design

We live and breathe creativity every day. Our goal is to be your all in one solution for Corporate Identities, print media, advertising as well as web design.

Marketing Strategy

You've got to have a plan! S'true.

How are you going to take your business places if you 'aint got no direction?

Spend some time with us and soon, we'll all know what the next step is!

Web Design

We're addicted to all things online. Websites, Google SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media, Youtube and...did we mention Google?

We approach your online marketing solutions holistically.

#theonlinelife #nointernetmeansnolife #onlineorbust

Great Ideas

Any great idea is only as good as its execution (we're pretty sure someone important once said that).

We have bags full of GREAT ideas but we understand that those great ideas need to make operational sense. We learnt this little life lesson, the hard way!

Humorous Support

Having a sense of humour is imperative in surviving the business world. We have oodles of it. Spend some time with us...you'll see why so many of our clients come to us in times of need.

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Marketing Strategy


Graphic Design


CMS Websites

who we are

We always try to expect the unexpected. In an industry filled with deadlines and pressure we like adding a personal touch to make sure you get what you need to succeed.

The Black Bag team consists of three, up and coming, young and hard working individuals. Jodi, Liezl and Michael have been in business together since January 2013 although Black Bag has been in operation since 2010 and Liezl has been designing since 2002.

Jodi manages our client database and will drive the project management on behalf of the client. We refer to Jodi as “the Girl Genius”. Jodi is adept at managing deadlines and projects.

Liezl is our resident graphic designer, web developer and all round (as we refer to her) “pretty picture maker”.

She’s also super smart when it comes to all things online and digital. We believe that Liezl may be a vampire since she works at her optimum at the most random night hours.

Michael is our silent partner (or as we prefer to call him, “the Vintage Car Collector”). Michael takes care of all the smart stuff that people have to do to manage their businesses. He’s pretty much our resident bean-counter and ensures that our “research” (read: wine tasting) is up to date. Michael also finds innovative new products, services and platforms to add to our list of things which we excel at.


Black Bag Consulting

Black Bag Consulting offers a "keep it simple" spectrum of solutions to small and medium enterprises who require creative design, website development, marketing strategies, brand alignment services, social media management and event management services. Follow us on Twitter -@BlackBagConsult
Black Bag Consulting

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Take pride in your work because
your confidence is a strength that reflects in what you do.
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But I find that for myself, without exception, the more I deal with the work as something that is my own, as something that is personal, the more successful it is. - Marian Bantjes

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We like to saturate our business meetings with coffee
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Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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Simplicity should be found in the execution,
not in the meaning.