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Black Bag… Has a Leaky Tap

April 28, 2016 - Clients - , , , , , ,

Leaky Tap Brewery started up with four school mates brewing craft beer together for the last three years. The name originated from one of the owners Jonathan whose wife kept complaining that he always brewed beer and never fixed the leaking tap.

After perfecting their recipes the brewery launched its first beer in August 2015 called the ‘Golden ale’. Leaky tap currently make the easy drinking ‘Lekke to be lekke’ craft lager and have also introduced the ‘Tap that’ craft cooler. The products are available in various bars, restaurants and markets across Pretoria and Johannesburg. The brewery also offers a rental on taps to enjoy delicious craft beer and coolers at functions, corporate events and parties.

Visit the Leaky Tap Brewery website for more information: