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Lock Down Day Seventy Billion

April 20, 2020 - Clients - , , , , ,

That’s what it feels, right?

Look, as self-confessed introverts and creatives, the Black Bag team cannot complain. We’ve enjoyed not having to attend meetings (sorry to all our clients for being so blunt but really, we’re all learning that e-mail and calls are quite sufficient to keep things ticking over!) Michael is holed-up (which is the norm, to be fair) in his beachside apartment sending us envy-inducing photographs of his beach and sea views. Penwell is enjoying his first few weeks as a brand new Daddy of a beautiful baby girl in Swaziland (we are really looking forward to welcoming them home to Gauteng one of these fine days!). Liezl is motoring her way through work that we are very, very grateful to still have and Jodi is doing her utmost to keep our clients sane, stable and looking forward. Pretty normal behaviour all around if you ask us!

Here’s a snippet of a compliment we got during the beginning stages of the Covid19 chaos from one of our (now) favourite clients:
“I know you’ve been amazing for us over the last few weeks, and also before that, amazing for our franchisees. Thank you, with everything that I have, for your support and commitment behind our brand.  You are true growth mindset “can-do” people who make everything happen.”

We don’t even realise how supportive we are of our clients during times of high stress – it’s just second nature to us and we are seeing the blooms of survival sprouting up all over our client list! It’s a really good feeling.
These are very unsure times but we have faith that our South African hearts will kick into resillience and that we will all move forward into a new way of life and success.

Speaking of, here are a few of our folk who are still trading right now:
If you’re feeling super tired of your kitchen (and eating your own food!) right now, then what better time to reach out to Marius at Slavin Kitchens and enjoy remote design consultation. We’ve just updated some of the information on the Slavin site. Take a look here:

If you’re needing a bit of a spiritual boost – fear not! Just Liv offers remote Reiki sessions to ease the emotional turmoil. Take a look here:

We came across this awesome article from Michael Said of MikeSaidWhat? just today – if you’re a restaurant owner, take a read here:

One more reminder that everyone… needs to know a guy…. and we do! Order your boutique butchery products from The Meat Guy and get delivery right at home:

You can “entertain” the kids at home with Mathematics worksheets that are fun! Check them out on

That’s all from us this week, guys. Stay sane, stay safe and let us know if you need anything.

Team Black Bag