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Primero Cafe Street Side Activations

March 31, 2015 - Clients - , , , , ,

BBC reaches target audience, in their space!

Hola Hatfield! Our fabulous client in Hatfield, Pretoria offers the local passersby a cuban-inspired, take away or sit down experience.  Toasted paninis, milkshakes, a create-your-own salad bar are just a few of the divine items available from Primero Cafe. Coffee and a donut for R20 is a firm favourite among our student clients who are heading to class in the mornings.  Black Bag is very proud of this brand!  On Wednesday the 17th of March, we treated passsers-by to a piping hot donut, on the house.  This is how we reach our target audience, in their space.  Needless to say, a complimentary donut was very well received. Because everything, goes with a Black Bag!

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