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New Primero Café

January 9, 2015 - Clients - , , , , , ,

Mmm…Primero Cafe! This awesome little shop has opened up in Hatfield. We are addicted to their Cappuccino & Donut offer. Soooooo tasty!

Created by Anelda Martin and her team from Isabella’s Franchising (Pty) Ltd, PRIMERO is a vibrant, cuban inspired cafe which offers cheese grilled Panini’s, Panini Pizza’s, salads and doughnuts and promises an urban taste experience which caters to the busy, successful and trendy, urban dweller.

PRIMERO is a take away with a vibrant flair which offers european style, shared seating (limited to 30 pax) and is no larger than 65 square metres. PRIMERO is reminiscent of travels and journeys outside of our South African borders. Sharing good food, sharing good stories, sharing a great laugh while you are visually stimulated by all the tasty goods on display inside PRIMERO.

You too, can have your “first” business experience with PRIMERO! For R500 000 initial investment, the perfect PRIMERO franchisee is young, vibrant, a little bit cheeky and looking for the perfect entry into business ownership. Are you ready for a journey? Contact us today and tell us your story!